Rechickiy metiznyj zavod, one of the town’s oldest enterprises founded by the brothers Boris and Vladimir Rikk in 1912 as a wire and nails making factory, is of significant importance for up-to-date Rechitsa’s life. Originally the factory employed only 28 persons and daily production came to 30 pood of nails.

Today it is the biggest enterprise in the Republic of Belarus which specializes in hardware output: nails, wood screws, screws, bolts, nuts, rivets, axis, splints, self-tapping screws and wire. We hold the leading positions on the assortment of construction and special nails. The high quality of the production is well-known on the market and it is appreciated at its true value by the most demanding customers from Belarus, Russia and Western Europe.

In 2006 Rechickij metiznyj zavod formed a part of the Production association «Belarussian steel works».



Nails are the eternal witnesses of the historical way of hardware production development.

From time immemorial people learned to fasten parts of their buildings by means of pivots from solid substances, slightly wedge-shaped, pointed with one end and with the head at the other end. The first such nails were, of course, made ofwood. Firm thorns of some plants, wooden knots were used as such wooden nails, etc. Fishbones were used too.


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